Wednesday, October 27

Billion Dollar Girl

Some of you may have read about my good friend[1] Lakshmi Mittal awarding himself a 1.1 billion pound bonus this week, after having created the world's biggest steel firm (here and here).

What you may not know is that Vanisha Mittal, his daughter, got hitched this June (on my brother's birthday, no less), in a wedding that cost her dad an estimated 30 million quid (and that, surprisingly, for only 1,500 guests). "Who cares?" I hear you ask, "She's probably a heffer anyway".

Well no, she isn't - check the pics yourself. I'll refrain on commenting on the groom (ok - just the one: Let's just say that he must either have a fantastic personality or be well equipped or something).

Anyway, just goes to the show. The rich are perfect. But hey, I'm not fussy in looking for a partner - if anyone knows of a girl who's either as rich or as pretty as Vanisha, then let me know.

[1]May not be completely true.


  1. lol@bj..hey are you looking for others too? mwahhhahah

    sanny: ?!!! i think shes quite pretty man.

    Zahera...i can see why you think the guy in that pic looks cute...(sort of).

  2. >>sanny: ?!!! i think shes quite pretty man.

    what you going on about sofia? .. your not advertising me again are you?

  3. 'cute' means your 'pretty boy'?

    sanny: you bet ;-)

  4. zahera: you not into pretty boys? more..ahem..the rough...FARDEEN types? mwhahah. tell me your over him now..?

  5. i meant 'youre' in the previous post and not your. i would dare infest shaks's blog with crap!

    btw..i vow to send you that fardeen piccie ooo at least once a week ...:D

  6. tabby! chal jaa.