Monday, February 14

The Annual Inevitably Cynical "I Hate Valentine's" Post

The really frustrating thing is that although we constantly hear about the plentiful number of fine women desperate to have a date on this fine day, I'm still dateless and find myself once again at my PC bitching about the whole thing instead.

But I like to console myself with the realisation that a) this day isn't actually for couples anyway, but for singles who want to become the former and b) I don't even want to do anything on this day anyway even if I was able to finally tick that other box on my census form. That's not bitterness, that's being old and wanting an early night.

But okay fine; if the day didn't hold some kind of significance for me then I wouldn't be bothered enough to complain about it in a post. But hey that's explainable enough: for a start I'm a stickler for tradition, but more than that if I ever do find myself on the other side then I'll lose my right to write my repeal of all this bitterness as soon as I give up moaning about it on the way. Yes, it's all about the long game.

Anyway to prove that I'm perfectly balanced about all this let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Valentine's Day whether you're celebrating it with someone or not.

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