Monday, February 14

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And yet again I resort to a geeky comic to feel normal about myself:

I used to have a nightly ritual where I would check every nook and cranny of my bedroom before going to bed. If I ever found a spider, well, then that's where my dad came in.

I eventually grew out of this; partly from laziness, but mainly because I realised eventually I would have to be a spider remover for someone else and a fear of the eight legged freaks wouldn't really help with that.

As trivial and amusing as it sounds, getting over my (admittedly mild) arachnophobia taught me a very important lesson in mind over matter, how much control we have over the decisions we make, how we can force ourselves to think in a different way if we really wanted or had to and finally that sometimes responsibility comes before personal feelings.

And for all that I thank the little things.

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