Monday, February 21

Film: Slackistan Click for more info

I'm not even going to waste words on this. Bad acting, a bad plot and premise, badly edited - there really wasn't much to praise in this film. Even the chicks weren't pretty. In fact, I even regret having a must-review-everything policy for this blog now. If I had a gun to my head I might be forced to admit that it had an inkling of charm toward the start, but then I'd pretty much say anything under torture. And before you ask whether I'm being too harsh on a Pakistani film, well this isn't the first that I've seen.

At least it was nice to go back to SOAS for the viewing, even though the students were ultimately annoying (but that has nothing to to with SOAS or the film).

It's not often that I feel that I've wasted time on a film. Disappointing and certainly not recommended even on DVD.

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  1. really?

    Ive been wanting to watch this, where is it showing?