Monday, February 14

New Music

Hass Hogia - The Sahotas

If any song can be used as an example of a classic, this is it. It both saddens and lifts me that a decade old song can sound so fresh.

Charha De Rang - Yamla Pagla Deewana

I must admit I was put off this song based on the rest of the OST, but now that the dross has faded off most radio playlists I've finally been able to appreciate how good it is. It's the switch in tempo when the female vocals come in that does it for me.

Grenade - Bruno Mars

I think it because I loved his last track so much that I didn't feel this one at first. That's all changed now though of course - it's one of the very few songs that I like because of the lyrics and the meaning I personally take from it. Yes, that may be wet, but at the end of the day all a guy like me wants is someone to catch a grenade for - and more importantly someone who actually wants a grenade to be caught for them.