Friday, February 25

Food: Lavash Click for more info

Very decent Persian place in Finchley, right off the A406. Lavash gets top marks for atmosphere, presentation and food, loses some for service, which although smart and polite was a tad slow and even managed to get our order wrong (it wasn't written down, which is always a recipe for disaster).

Portions were very sizable, and the three starters and three mains proved to be more than enough for the three of us - we could have gotten away with a bit less, reducing the already fair £20 per head bill we received. The Halloumi, Prawns and Houmous were superb, while both grill dishes (kebab and chicken) were excellent. The Lamb and Ocra dish was much better than I was expecting, with a continuous supply of free oven baked bread topping it all off. Needless to say, I overate.

A great place holding it's own against the other obvious choices for Persian food, Lavash is most certainly recommended.

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