Saturday, February 5

Food: Diwana Click for more info

Although Drummond Street is probably best known for it's kebabs, it's fair to say that the veggies are well represented there too. Diwana is another one of those paradoxes; a meat-free restaurant that manages to establish itself, and that not alone (there are identikit places on the same street!). Whatever the case, it must be doing something right... but then if anyone knows vegetarianism it's the South Indians.

Since we were there for lunch, we decided to go for the buffet. £7 got us in, which although sounds like a good deal is quite pricey when compared to the equivalents in other places (like good ol' Green Street). That said, the food, despite being in a buffet, was damn good. Of course, it helps being able to eat everything on offer.

It would probably be fruitless to list everything I tried, but the variety was pretty good - right down to the gulab jamun and fruit I had for dessert. Another three quid each got us drinks (fresh orange juice for me) and teas, and overall the meal we had was worth the tenner. My only complaint would be with the facilities there - the place was quite cramped, but that could just have been us deciding to pick a booth instead of a table. Service was adequate but nothing to write about, but the place was as clean as you would expect.

Overall it was a nice enough place to eat on a random Saturday outing.

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