Wednesday, May 5


We really should have spent more time than we did in Soweto today. The lack of transport and guides was the main reason for the brevity of our visit, but we did get a small indication of how people lived in the ex-Black township.

We stopped off at one of the larger mosques to offer prayer and talk to a local Muslim convert who was washing cars outside. On our way back to Joburg proper we visited the Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital, reportedly the largest hospital in the southern hemisphere and a place where many of my South African Doctor mates had trained. I must admit at grinning at the various sponsored departments which included Johnson and Johnson's Burn Treatment Centre.

Soweto wasn't really the shanty town I was expecting, but it was still an insight to how the majority of South Africa lives. After almost two weeks of living it up I unfortunately found myself quite surprised that such places existed.

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