Saturday, May 15

Film: Robin Hood Click for more info

Bland, boring and lifeless are adjectives I can use to describe many aspects of this film. From the lifeless plot to the awful acting all the way to the staid one liners in the monotonous script, I really didn't understand how such films can ever claim to be entertaining.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it reminds me much of another film I didn't really understand: Robin Hood displayed the same kind of mind-numbingly boringness as Gladiator, so perhaps it was my mistake for even thinking of going to watch this film. On top of being bad, it even had the gall to be over two and half hours long.

I'm falling asleep just writing about it, so I'll just stop here with a "not recommended". Not recommended, not even for the cheap attempts at an apology for the Crusades. No, really, they do.

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  1. I was bored senseless!Such a waste of a Saturday night.