Sunday, May 2

Milkshakes and Boardgames

After stopping off for a wonderful miracle the locals here call a Gatsby we were taken to Fire and Ice, a bar situated in the Protea Hotel. Although I had stayed in a couple of boutique hotels back in Japan, the Protea was unlike any of those and I had quite a bit of fun checking out the themed toilets.

But the fun and games literally didn't end there. After ordering our milkshakes (which single handedly proved that not all food in South Africa was actually awesome) we paid a small deposit in order to borrow a board game from reception. Battle of the Sexes was probably a little overkill for this particular crowd, but numbers were balanced and respective genders (a little too) competitive so we did manage to have lots of fun.

It was actually one of those perfectly comfortable moments, the ones when everyone happens to be in the zone laughing and joking around, with barriers down and psychological space being shared. Without a doubt Fire and Ice helped in creating the vibe, but the whole thing started a bit earlier in the evening as we sat and shared a Gatsby together.

These weren't people I had just met over the past few days but old friends who I had somehow known for ages. It's funny how holidays in South Africa have that effect.

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