Tuesday, May 18


xxxx says (08:25):
    all women are the same
    piece of advice to you
    never believe anything a woman tells you
Shak says (08:25):
xxxx says (08:25):
    so when you meeting these women
xxxx says (08:26):
    dont feel bad about lying
    long as it gets you a fit wife that's all that matters
    cos she'll be lying as well
xxxx says (08:28):
    in fact ... why do you even need to get married at all
    if you want kids ... you can have kids without getting married
Shak says (08:29):
xxxx says (08:30):
    is it against the law for yo
    or against your religino
Shak says (08:30):
    in what sense?
xxxx says (08:30):
    as in
    can you find a girl
    and have kids with her
    and not get married


Shak says (08:37):
    of course not. no sex before marriage innit?
xxxx says (08:37):

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  1. Anonymous10:12

    is tht all u worry abt?marrge?lve alttle!enjy lfe.