Thursday, May 6

The Apartheid Museum

I never thought I'd ever find myself recommending a museum as a must see in any country, but the Apartheid Museum was actually pretty darned good - and after spending two hours in there I actually felt that I didn't have as much time as I would have liked there.

Unlike the other museums I had visited during my stay in South Africa, Apartheid was well laid out, informative and focussed on its chosen subject, and seemed to be clearly aimed at those who like me didn't really know much about South African politics.

Such was the effect of the museum (particularly after seeing the casspir) that I even realised that I didn't really watch stuff like Blood Diamond and District 9 as I should have. I think if I ever got to watch these films again they would all take on a slight different meaning now.

Anyway the museum is definitely one not to miss if you're ever in Johannesburg.

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