Saturday, May 8

South Africa's Got Talent

Quickly: nice teeth, nice feet. Very smiley, friendly, conversational and intelligent and not stuck up or too good to talk to someone new or random. Quite impressively, most were extremely handy in the kitchen (and I mean that in the most respectful way possible). Oh and most were perfectly comfortable (and so even more attractive) wearing flats over heels. Awesome.

All seemed to want to save the world and fight oppression, including the type that their potential husbands will inevitably cast upon them, not that any of the singletons had an interest in getting married any time soon: no way jose, all men smell, blah blah blah. Interesting observation: not one wife whom I had met had taken the surname of their respective spouse, and when asked none of the ones currently on the market had any plans to do so either. Girl power, eh?

Finally all were hot, and I think I fancied each and every one I had met. Standard.

Disclaimer: The above is are a bunch of generalisations and so not all girls in South Africa demonstrate all or even any of what I have described. In particular none of it (apart from the good stuff maybe) applies to anyone I met on my journey or to anyone who happens to be reading this post. Ta.


  1. Nisha Fakir08:32

    Shak, I love this post and as an SA women, I am sooo flattered, thank you. heheheh
    Best: Nisha

  2. Very good dude .. i'm sure the lovely South African women appreciate the praise :-)