Tuesday, May 4

An Old Friend

Not all my experiences in South Africa were brand new. After hanging out at Moya's on the bank of Zoo Lake I headed over to visit an old friend from the UK who had settled here after marriage.

Although I had seen them in the UK since they moved, it was weird hanging out with my friend in their new surroundings. I guess it was the first real experience here that bridged my time here in South Africa to home, something that reminded me that this wasn't all just an awesome dream but reality. It reminded me of all those wishy washy things like growth and development and movement, how the things you take for granted like local friends can change, and that for the better, and how those changes soon become normality for all concerned. I realised that time and distance doesn't necessarily change friendship, and it made me wonder how I could handle leaving London to live in another country.

Oh yeah and the food was pretty good too.

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