Sunday, May 2

Capetonian Sand

When my friends in Durban admitted to Cape Town having better sand in their beaches than they did, I didn't really quite know what to expect. I had already been kinda underwhelmed by the South African beaches I had seen so far, with Brisbane's offerings still fresh in my memory. And during our stay in Cape Town we had already visited Camps Bay; despite factoring in the crummy weather and gale force winds I was even less impressed by my findings here.

Today we took a walk along Lagoon Beach. To be fair my initial impressions were in line with what I had already seen - the beach was dirty and rocky and I almost didn't bother kicking my chappal off. That I actually did turned out to be a pretty good decision.

In terms of quality, I think I'd place the sand on this particular beach second only to Whitehaven on Whitsunday Island. It was super-fine and cool, and having it seep through my toes as we walked through it was, well, lovely. The beach itself loses major points for being dirty and rocky at the start, but in the section after that it was all pretty heavenly.

Apart from the sand, there was a certain magical vibe in the air tonight. It may have just been the weather or the light or simply the company... but suddenly I was very aware of the fact that we would be leaving soon.

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