Thursday, April 22

Winging It

Since we've arrived in South Africa six days late, we've had to make some pretty big changes to our trip. The first casualty was a trip to Drakensberg with a bunch of guys (whom admittedly I had never met before) as part of some pre-marriage bonding bachelour ritual. If I'm being honest missing that wasn't as much a big deal for me, but seeing as part of the reason of the trip was to receive us to Saffan land it's a shame we didn't make it.

Still, we did arrive just in time to catch our flights to Durban. As it stands the only thing we've seen of Johannesburg is its airport (and Ocean Basket: amazing fish, prawns less so), but seeing as we've extended our return we'll get a good chunk of contiguous time here toward the end of our trip anyway.

Hey. Wait a minute. We're actually in South Africa! Blimey.

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