Monday, April 12

Film: How to Train Your Dragon Click for more info

I have a theory that How to Train Your Dragon was just a big excuse to make a film full of some awesome flying and swooping 3D action sequences. And talking as someone who's never been fully convinced of this whole 3D thing, I gotta admit that some of the goggle enabled effects in this film were pretty fantastic.

But even without the help of the visuals HTTYD would still be a brilliant film. The story, the plot, the script, the voice acting; all were way above the curve and the film served as proof that the well saturated genre can still provide some gems. It's super funny too, with the mandatory slapstick well and present for the kids with a good dose of sarcasm for those looking after them.

And that's about it really. Go watch, 'cos it's ace. You don't even need, say, a couple of nephews in order to get away with it.

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