Sunday, April 11

Where Three Dreams Cross: 150 Years of Photography from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh Click for more info

I'm quite the cynic when it comes to temporary art exhibitions. Unlike the more permanent collections which have stood the test of time and therefore have more of a classic feel to them, the more short term collections always seem to me to be jumping on some kind of bandwagon. Of course it could just be that I don't really Get It™, but I'd rather admit to that then fake some awe.

Take this exhibition for instance. Some might say it's come a little too late; being brown is so last year, but then I guess it takes time to find enough prints to build a collection justifying an 8.50 entry ticket (although we got in for nowt during Whitechapel Gallery's free 11-1 Sunday morning session).

That's not to say that the whole thing was totally just a mish mash of gimmicks and cliches; there were some genuinely good stuff in there - I liked a picture of a girl jumping in the burned streets of Lahore as well as some of the other "lifestyle" shots and my dad would have loved to see the older Bollywood stuff - but after a while the constant stream of yet more black and white and what I hope to have been deliberately out of focus shots began to grate a bit. In my opinion there was a lot of noise in this collection, and I think the whole display would have been a little better off had the organisers exercised a little more discretion.

So a bit of a disappointment then, although possibly one borne of my own bias. Either way today was the last day of the show so you can't really decide for yourselves, although I have a hunch the same stuff will pop up at the next brown art do anyway.

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