Wednesday, April 7

Korea-Japan, Day Sixteen: Departure

After what seemed like months, we were finally heading home. It was weird passing back through Incheon, the Korean airport that served as my personal gateway to Japan.

My eagerness to return was a direct result of not being able to do the hotel thing for more than two weeks at a time as the homesickness kicks in; I fare much better during holidays where I stay with family or friends for instance.

That said, my time in Korea and Japan have been pretty much filled to the brim. I've done most of the stuff I had wanted to as well as a fair amount of stuff that happened by chance (and I don't just mean Park Eun Kyung), and the trip has been well worth it. My only regret is not having much time to just hang out; of course as a tourist this isn't as easy as it sounds as you're pulled by the promise of amazing sights and sounds.

In fact I'm not sure that I want to return to Japan or Korea any time soon, unless it was to see a friend or something. And if I did, I would certainly leave the camera and guidebook at home, focussing instead on socialising or hanging out.

But as it stands I have had a wonderful time in the region, and I've finally managed to tick off a country I have longed to visit for ever but that has somehow managed to elude me till now. It took a lot of energy to get it done though - in fact I reckon I need another holiday just to recover.

Cough, cough.

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