Tuesday, April 27

True Bromance

I've written and spoke before about my inability to do the guy thing; you know the whole hanging around and chatting breeze thing. I never seem to know what to say about football or sport or women, and I'm always weary of the ego, stubbornness and the lack of sophistication and humour I've previously witnessed during the times I had the misfortune of being part of a sausage-fest.

So imagine my surprise when I found I was able to do exactly that multiple times during my stay in Durban. I'm not sure if it was the environment, the quality and class of the guys here, or simply that I had to do it but the fact is I have never felt more comfortable and secure in a group of guys than I did during tonight. the pizza and burgers invariably helped, but looking past that the conversation flowed and ebbed, the jokes and passing shots were in abundance and there was no hint of the typical male idiocy I've come to expect from such situations.

Although these experiences haven't really changed my stand on post-marital space and the demand we seem to have of it, I do now kinda understand why so many people wish to hold on to their guy or girl times. Maybe I've not seen it enough, or perhaps I've just become accustomed to not having easy access to it, but I still don't see guy time as a requirement to my own well being.

All of a sudden I actually regret having had missed the trip to Drakensberg. Heck, I think I might have even fancied the guys I met in Durban more than I did the girls. Only just, mind. Wink wink and all that.

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