Thursday, April 22


I never really got to grips with this whole group dhikr thing currently becoming popular in London. In fact the one that I went to tonight was my first, which is probably why I approached it with curiosity and reservation more that a complete willingness to participate. It was the pretty standard stuff I had come to expect from how others described it, but I did remain quiet throughout a lot of it. I guess it's something to get used to, although I do have to consider how it fits in with my own practise of Islam.

That aside, I did appreciate the whole group, social and community aspect of the evening. The event was open to men and women, and we all had a good chance to chat afterwards over some awesome food.

I have to admit that I was kinda surprised with the prevalence of the whole Sufi/Brelvi vibe here in South Africa. Coming from a Gujarati background myself and knowing how traditional and "sterile" those who have come directly from that part of the sub-continent can be, I was kind of expecting the same practice here in South Africa. Instead I see behaviour I commonly associate with those Muslims in the UK originally coming from North Pakistan and the Punjab.

The long shot is that I had a pretty good time tonight, and after meeting all the main players in the upcoming wedding I reckon this trip has been set up to be a pretty amazing one. And we just arrived today!

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