Friday, April 23

Just Make Sure You Leave Your Wallet At Home

A lot has been said about the state of affairs in South Africa when it comes to crime. Muggings and car-jackings are common place apparently and tourists are spotted as targets a mile away. Even though I never really thought it could be as bad as I heard it was, I did leave my brand spanking new HTC Desire in London, you know just in case.

That said, walking around the streets of Central Durban it's clear that many of the people who warned me about the mean streets of Durban have never been to the Karachi or any of the other hotspots in the Subcontinent.

I felt much safer here than in Karachi but perhaps my judgement was being clouded by the fact that I was on holiday. The fact of the matter is that of all the people I've met so far, more than a few have personally been mugged, car-jacked, smash and grabbed and had even had family members murdered. Hard core stuff, and one of the main concerns I would have if I ever considered moving here.

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