Sunday, April 25

Decision Making (Or Rather, The Lack Of)

Perhaps it's because I'm from London, but I'm quite used to making quick decisions and preparing for whatever it is I've planned to do. I guess time seems to be a luxury back home, which is why I tend to be so impressed at the laid back quality of life in other cities around the world like Brisbane or even here in Durban. The fact that it takes 15 minutes to get anywhere helps though.

But there are times when this lack of urgency becomes a little frustrating. When it takes longer to decide what to do than to actually do it, you start to think maybe things should be done differently. That said there has been times when figuring out what to do is a laugh in itself (the journey versus the destination and all that) and to be fair once we finally figure out what to do we usually get right on it.

I guess I just need to let go and slow down my own pace to suit the local way of doing things. I mean hey, it's only been three days and it feels like we've done a month's worth of stuff anyway.

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