Monday, January 4

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It's funny: I'm always surprised when people ask me "Have you found someone yet?". As if they wouldn't have heard me screaming it from the rooftops before that.
I guess when you're excited about something you just have to tell everyone about it. The rest of you should just be kind and humour us.

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  1. marry_contrary22:34

    hmmmm.. coming from a divorcee with a sudden confucious like understanding of on.if you dont feel the need to boast/brag/smile delightedly when you think of your intended....its a Definite Sign to Run for the Hills. Very Fast. oh. and if you feel really awkward...and there even might be a smidgeon of secret pity?..when he talks to/meets your friends... YOURE NOT SHY AND MODEST.that feeling is actually your intuition having an epileptic attack and gargling for help. so yes. dont second guess yourself. its not habit, its your survival instincts and they know what theyre doing. besides, commitment phobia doesnt exist when you meet the Right One. oh neo. ooh. and one last thing. Never Ever marry on a religious high.sounds good in theory but bad for the faith. wow. i see a seminar coming up:) woohoo...