Friday, January 15

Food: Ozer Click for more info

I've been to Ozer a few times, but never for an actual meal; I have eaten at Sofra though, so kinda knew what to expect tonight. It's all the same standard Turkish food you get elsewhere; since our birthday party was quite big our host decided to go the set menu; a good thing considering the logistics involved in allowing everyone a free choice.

That the set menu wasn't bad helped though - we had the standard selection of mezze followed up by various meats that you get at any decent Turkish joint and all was of a good enough standard. The cost was £15 per head which is a bit on the steep side but end up being good value compared with going a la carte (although I guess that does depend on how much you eat!).

But where Ozer really shines is in vibe and group facilitation. In two words: round tables. It's amazing how much of an effect a round table has on making a group dinner seem more than just about the two people seated either side of you and for this reason alone Ozer gets top marks as a place worth taking a group of friends to.

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  1. I like Ozer. I've been there a few times, and I agree with the round table comment.