Friday, January 8

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So yes, even after pouring scorn on the whole thing, I decided to sneak in and attend Practimate's latest webinar (ew) entitled "3 Critical Mistakes A Single Muslimah Makes When Finding Her 'Mr. Right' For Marriage". Although my lack of a uterus technically put me out of the target demographic I must admit that it wasn't all as bad as I thought it would be. That said I was right about the content; it is stuff I've been trying to say for years; I guess there's a lot of value in having credibility and diplomacy eh?

The female host Megan Wyatt was pretty awesome. And totally fanciable (which is probably inappropriate to say, but hey). She spoke sense, kept it real and wasn't afraid of stressing a point no matter how contentious it could have been. Of course her delivery and style ensured that it wasn't contentious at all, a skill that may have come out of her background as life coach.

I can't quite remember all three points but the bulk of the talk was about the first one: how some women misrepresent themselves to the kind of guys they want. It sounds a bit counter-intuitive but it was backed by some pretty indicative examples: like the woman who wanted a guy she can depend on going on about how independent she is. We were also told how although things like career ambition and outgoingness are wonderful qualities for a person, they don't say much about how they'll be as a spouse (and I reckon this point applies to men and women). It's less about potentials not appreciating these qualities, but more about them not helping them paint a picture of how husbandy/wifey you'll be. Things like saying what will essentially make you happy and content, and what you're willing to offer for your spouse to do the same, are much more helpful.

So all very clear and (even if I do say so myself) quite vindicating. Where it became a bit disappointing was that the solution to this issue was to represent yourself better (or as I like to call it, spin) rather than what I see as the more correct solution of getting people to fundamentally change their attitudes. To be fair change was suggested during the other parts of the seminar when stuff like fear, emotional baggage, guards and barriers and compromise (how women shouldn't, that is) were discussed.

So overall quite a useful session and one I actually suggest people attend if they can get a recording or something. Or of course you could just read these pages since I've pretty much been saying the same stuff here for, like, ever.

EDIT: The webinar is now up as a replay.

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