Wednesday, January 20

Film: Up in the Air Click for more info

Happy, sad, poignant, simple, clever and everything in between, Up in the Air is a story about an independent and free-living guy doing his thing and finding out that he might, maybe, have his priorities out of whack. And all this just after he manages to convince all around him (and possibly himself) how happy he is.

While the plot itself uses an extreme situation to prove its point, its this same context which provides most of the laughs. Clooney and co do a brilliant job, while the script is the most simple yet paradoxically the most potent I've seen for a while.

I did think it went on a bit, but the extra minutes were worth it for the resulting effect. A brilliant movie and totally recommended.


  1. I loved it.

    Maybe its because I've grown up watching only Bollywood movies, but I have never thought a film was too long.

  2. Except when I have to pee. Oh wait, that would be every film then.