Wednesday, January 6

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WEBINAR: 3 Critical Mistakes A Single Muslimah Makes When Finding Her ‘Mr. Right’ For Marriage

Best self-help-marriage-webinar title ever. I'd attend, except it's probably full of the same rubbish I've been spouting myself for years already. Funny how women'll all listen to a Shaikh on the Internet (DYSWIDT?) to tell them the obvious but tell me to bugger off. Maybe I should rebrand myself and start using "InshaAllah" more.

Interestingly I just signed up and was presented with a further pitch - for just $1 I can learn how to "Speak His Language"; and so the moneyspinning spam begins. It's a trap ladies, don't do it; if anything I can give you the same advice (you know, to dumb yourself down a bit and laugh at all his jokes) for free anyway.

EDIT: So I attended. And although it was just as I said, it wasn't that bad. More thoughts in a separate post.