Wednesday, January 13

Food: Chilli Tonight Click for more info

Aah, Leicester. Although I've been a fair few times I don't think I've ever sat down to eat during my stay; this despite hearing a few good things about Belgrave and Melton Road. A visiting friend was my excuse to grab some dinner tonight.

Chill Tonight (or maybe 2night?) is a typical Indian-chinese affair on Melton Road, offering the usual stuff you'd expect to find in these places. I left it to my hosts to order and we had a good selection of prawn and chicken dishes, the names of which escape me right now. What's important is that it was all pretty good for a place of this apparent standard; the spicy chicken was especially notable, if only because it was actually spicy.

I've no idea how much it all cost since my hosts did a sneaky, but I can't imagine it breaking the tenner per head barrier. Still, although I haven't been to many other places in Leicester I think it's safe to say that you could probably do much worse.

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  1. I know this place! been there a few times. They always burn the noodles.