Thursday, January 28

Game: Bayonetta (360) Click for more info

Yes, she's hot. Yes, she's sassy. And yes, she has legs which seem to go on forever. But all these things a good game do not make.

This is basically Devil May Cry with a bird as the protagonist; you have a vast array of combos utilising your fists, feet, handguns strapped to each to do away the badguys with; you walk around doing this until you get to the end of the (quite linear) stages and every now and then (if you're lucky) you have a puzzle to solve. Shallow? You betcha. But then shallowness in games doesn't really seem to bother me too much so I'll let that pass.

Bayonetta is fun though; there's nothing like summoning a demon from the underworld via your hair and ordering it to eat an angel. It's not all smooth going though; sometimes the action gets a bit too much for my poor head, resulting in a button bashing mess which despite being random seems to be just as effective as thinking about what you're doing. Meh.

The story is pretty slick if a bit confusing; there's lots of cutscenes here (too many for some), but they're vital in a game which relies so much on image and design - it all looks awesome enough and the soundtrack is genius. And of course you get to to be flirted and purred at by Bayonetta so it's not all bad.

All in all Bayonetta isn't quite as exciting as the demo had made out. It's a nice enough romp while you're in there, but otherwise something you won't miss too much if you passed it by.

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