Sunday, January 17

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As a non-foodie who just doesn't get why anyone would want to pay a tenner for noodles, I tend to prize value over apparently exceptional taste and so end up avoiding places which will look to cost more than 20 quid or so per head. However sometimes I get the opportunity to try out what, in my inexperience and lack of class, I call a fancy restaurant. I've heard a lot about Yum Yum so was quite looking forward to trying it out.

The first thing you notice is the ambience and vibe. Housed in a gorgeous Georgian building (no I didn't know that from seeing it, I had to look it up on the website) but with a clean and sleek inside it manages to impress before you even get a chance to sit down. And inside the place seems to go on forever, and despite it being a late Friday night I was surprised to see the whole place full, although looking around it seemed to be a favourite for large Indian-groups celebrating a birthday. Especially cute was the on-floor seated area; they even made people take off their shoes, bless.

Unfortunately we were seated on a single long table row, making it pretty impossible to talk to anyone other than those in our respective immediate vicinities; but this is the price paid for cramming so many people into a single place.

Food-wise Yum Yum was of a high, yet paradoxically very standard, quality; I enjoyed the starters much more than the mains (leaving me wondering exactly how appropriate it would be to just stick to 3-4 starters in a place like this). Exotic items like stuffed chicken wings and prawns and chicken on toast were pretty wonderful actually.

Since I left early I'm not quite sure what the final cost per head came to; I left £20 for my two starters and a noodle main (so no curry) and forwent any drinks which ranks Yum Yum as "pricey" in my (admittedly tight) book. That said I don't have any major complaints about lack of value since it was literally such a nice place to eat in; a quick look on Top Table shows that there are some offers thrown around and with that in mind the place becomes a much better candidate for a return visit.

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  1. went here about 2months back. You're not wrong it is pricey. we spent around £20 a head and still weren't full. very good food but what's the point if it leaves you feeling like you need more.