Tuesday, July 28

Game: Rhythm Heaven (DS) Click for more info

I'll keep this simple - Rhythm Heaven is to Ouendan like WarioWare is to... uh... well to be honest I'm not sure how to complete that comparison. But RH is a bunch of structured minigames each requiring the player to tap and flick to a certain rhythm each time.

Unlike Ouendan, RH focuses on temporal rather than spacial accuracy. You can tap and flick any part of the touchpad, provided it's in time with whatever beat is playing, and as such it's much less forgiving if you happen to be a bit off. Unlike Ouendan though you can play this in a noisy environment since the beat is more obvious and direct.

The minigames themselves are fun and simply produced, although after a while they become a bit samey and irrelevant. That's not to say they're any less compelling, but I can see some not bothering to play past a certain level. But while it lasts it's fun in a way most minigame structured games are, and it's definitely worth checking out.

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