Monday, July 20

Zafar and Sabina

If there's one thing I've learned from Zafar it's that when it comes to things like marriage you really have to be clear on both what you want and find important and what you have to offer in return. It's obvious advice yet a focus I'm only realising I've lacked and moving to correct.

But that's just Zafar really - practical to a tee, he's always surprising us with the stuff he's able to do (we're waiting for him to build his own home-extension one day). As well as this, he's also a stand-up guy and extremely dependable, something severely lacking in society these days.

A couple of us got to hang out with him and the new bride last night and it was quite obvious how chuffed they both were. I've only ever met Sabina the one time before that and she's one of those infectiously smiley types who manages to prop up the vibe with very few words. Seeing her amongst her new husband's family made it clear how much of a familial people person she is.

But it was when they were seen together that the question of whether they were happy or not was totally forgotten - they seemed more than just a bride and groom, a clear indication of the life they have ahead of them.


  1. ah these tributes to your friends are well sweet. all the best to these newly married couples.

  2. Sobia10:49

    nice post...if only it was easy to know what you want...