Sunday, July 12

The ICSS BBQ, 2009

If there's one thing that's constant in the world of ICSS it's just how much better and better its annual end of term BBQ gets. 2009 was no different; we had more food, more people, and more things to do.

Firstly the regulars. Face painting, henna and the legendary bouncy castle are now no less than expected by those who arrive through the doors of The Froud. Of course we didn't disappoint, with all three constantly serving those up for self-decoration or a bit of bouncing.

New stuff included a Jujitsu demonstration (including the ass-kicking of some of our teachers by their students), an origami stand, cake decorating and a few other bits and bobs. Technology was used in full force with slideshows and videos being shown from our most recent Lambourne End visit, and the prize-giving and speeches were a bit too successful if the cramming of the foyer had anything to do with it.

Food gets its own paragraph. Although not as smooth as last year (there was an odd occasion or two where we had hungry looking kids waiting for a burger) everyone was fed happily and sufficiently. Burgers and sausages made the front line in our attack, with chicken taking the rear. For the first time ever we had run out of some stuff! On a less happy note I must admit being surprised at how choosy and unbashful some guests were when it came to grabbing some free nosh...

But I can't complain too much; the guests really are what makes an ICSS BBQ an ICSS BBQ. The numbers broke records yet again as the four-year-regulars bringing the bulk of the new people, with fancy Facebook and local media marketing (all of which goes way over my head) claiming the rest. Vibe was at an all time high, with smiles on everyone's faces and laughter constantly ringing throughout the whole building.

This alone made the whole thing worth it for the Trustees and Volunteers of ICSS, some of whom had been in the building from 9am all the way to 6pm once we had chucked the last guest out (I guess the BBQ can be a little too successful at times!).

It's the kinda thing you don't want to end - something which only ends due to the exhaustion of the people running the show. For some, some winding down was necessary to ease the edge of the high gained from running such an event, but even so I still feel a tingle of excitement while writing about this, the ICSS BBQ, 2009.

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