Friday, July 10

Film: Brüno Click for more info

Despite one disturbing scene in particular, Borat wasn't that bad really. The whole laughing-at-people-who-didn't-know-Borat-was-fake was mildly humourous and time-passing.

Bruno (and no, I'm not going to type that umlaut every time) on the other hand was crap. It was disgusting - and that's coming from someone with quite a high (or should that be low?) threshold for disgusting; I don't often feel the need to cover my eyes with my hands. It had little class, made no sense and was badly acted out. It was blatantly all staged, there was no "liveness" or improvisation or rough cutting.

But ultimately the worse thing about Bruno was that it wasn't even funny. Okay, I'll admit to laughing out loud at a couple of scenes but even those were a bit forced as I struggled to make the most of this film. To be honest, I was thankful that the film was less than one and a half hours long.

Definitely one to skip.

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