Saturday, July 18

Fatima and Mohammed

Meeting Fatima marked a very important phase of my life. It wasn't her in particular (no offence to the lovely girl) but more that she was one of the first people I met when joining the whole City Circle-three schools meta-social-circle. And as such I somehow think of her as an older friend than the others, even though I wouldn't have possible hung out with her as much (due to geography more than anything else).

She was indicative of what made this social scene so special - she demonstrated the balance, fun and down-to-earthedness which other groups I had been introduced to lacked, and uniquely managed to be cool, chic and quite zany at the same time. As with all of us singletons on the scene she was indefinitely looking, but then possibly unlike us never appeared to be cynical about the whole thing, another sign of her positive attitude to life.

For all these reasons it was wonderful to see her get married today. The wedding itself was very much Fatima; succinct, gorgeous and to the point. Everyone I spoke to seemed to feel this way, another indication of Fatima's pervasive but subtle effect on others.

I hadn't really known Mohammed till today. His wedding speech pretty much blew the guests away and showed us all what a charming, intelligent and funny bloke he was. But more than that it demonstrated how this was a guy who cared; one who knew how lucky he was to be in the position he was in.

They clearly deserve each other but more importantly dig each other, and I wish them all the very best for the future.


  1. Jaffa Cake12:22

    Yea Yea, enough of the couple. What was the food like?

  2. Jaffa Cake13:13