Saturday, July 4

Film: Kambakkht Ishq Click for more info

Bollywood's been a bit dry recently so it was good to come back to the genre with something good rather than something pongy. KI (since I refuse to type out that title again) is full of silly fun and games, with a shell of a plot designed to bring as many laughs as possible - a bit like Singh is Kinng in that respect.

Akshay Kumar played his part well as the skirt-chasing lughead, while Kareena Kapoor did well as the manhating surgeon/model/all round hottie. Story-wise the conclusion was pretty inevitable; even so I couldn't help but feel a bit cheated as they brushed over some of the finer points.

But KI wasn't about romance or any of that soppy stuff. It was funny, plain and simple with enough feel good factor and beautiful people in it to stem any complaints about any lack of depth. Even the special appearances from Sylvester "what am I doing here" Stallone and Denise "I was a Bond Girl dammit" Richards weren't as cringe-worthy as I was expecting them to be.

Considering the current drought of Bollywood you could do much worse. Recommended.


  1. >> Akshay Kumar played his part well as the skirt-chasing lughead

    Not sure that's "playing his part"

    >> surgeon/model/all round hottie

    No wonder you liked the fillum. Isn't that close to your dream of the Ph.D in physics / supermodel?

  2. Public Enemies is out and youre out watching rubbish like this????!!!!!!!