Tuesday, July 28

Game: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS) Click for more info

I really don't dig the GTA games that much. There's something about a sandbox which scares the living days out of my OCD type nature, although that's not as much a problem as it used to be. I think now it's just a lack of time which stops me from playing such a sprawling game. Which is a shame since I quite appreciate the varied mission structure it offers. If only there was a bit-sized version?

Okay, I may have set up the opening paragraph a bit, but that is just what GTA:CW is; a bite-sized version of the home console games. It doesn't suffer for this thought; on the contrary it makes the classic gameplay even more accessible for those like me, and it's perfectly suited for the places in which I now find myself playing my DS (like while traveling). An added bonus is the view defaulting to the classic GTA1 and GTA2 top-down, although everything is still rendered in 3D.

It's a fun, pick up and play game which I'm sure will offer even more depth to those willing to look for it. For me, it's the perfect antidote to the boredom offered by a nine-hour transatlantic flight.

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