Tuesday, August 4

A Canadian Wedding Weekend

Despite my chose title above, Asian weddings in Canada aren't that different to those in the UK. In this instance we had the mendhi, wedding and valima all in one hectic long weekend, although to be fair it was the girl's side who managed the first two events.

Apparently not many Asian weddings happen over here so it was a bit of an event for all the natives - that's not to say that it was all seen before since I had more fun at all three than I would at one of the countless segregated muted affairs I seem to attend at Walthamstow Town Hall. Of course a part of this was due to me being on holiday (wedding holidays are always awesome), but I also had my cousins and extended family with whom to hang out with - I was more involved than I would have been as a more distant guest.

The mendhi and wedding offered music and dance, something that was fully taken advantage of by most of us, including my nani/maternal grandmother (I never thought I'd ever be spun around by her on a dance floor). The food was awesome on all three days (apparently buffets are standard fare here), while the main events of the wedding and valima offering programmes of speeches and slide shows. My cousin, the groom, asked me to say a few words at the valima which I humbly did; although people congratulated me on delivering a good speech, I suspect this had more to do with my accent than what I had to say. I'll follow up this post with a transcript.

But all in all it was a wicked weekend, modest in nature yet fun for so many reasons, a perfect example of why I enjoy attending weddings so much.

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    What's wrong with Walthamstow town hall? Lol.