Sunday, August 23


Shak says (19:57):
    ooh cheryls back :D
xxxx says (19:57):
xxxx says (19:58):
    she wanst looking so good last night though
    didnt like the hair
Shak says (19:58):
    her haior was the best bit
    so long
xxxx says (19:58):
Shak says (19:58):
    i dont like this new format tho
xxxx says (19:58):
    she had it done up like some beehive thing
xxxx says (19:59):
    well ... am guessing the audience gotta pay to watch
    so it'll ake em even more money
Shak says (19:59):
    the britains got talent model probab did a lot
xxxx says (19:59):
    i tihnk


xxxx says (20:00):
    cheryl gotta be the best kinda wife
    she's fit
    got her own money
    and if you cheat on her
    she takes you back
Shak says (20:01):
    quote of the day i think

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