Wednesday, August 19

Goodbye Edmonton

The large tail end of the holiday was spent just chilling with family and doing the more relatively mundane things - swimming, bowling, ice skating - which I don't get to do enough back in the UK.

But that was the theme on this trip, and indeed previous trips to Edmonton: chilling out with friends and family instead of tourism. As such, there were plenty of dinner invites, poker games and late-night chats too. Awesome.

To be honest I could have stayed a week longer if Ramadhan wasn't around the corner (as well as the small problem of having to dish out for a new return ticket). But even if I could have extended my time here, I would have eventually have had to leave at some point anyway. As always a whole bunch of people, three cars worth, came to see us off at the airport and however cheesy it was also a bit sad to see them all on the other side of airport security, waving us on.

So yes although I am glad to be back, I had a wonderful time away. I've decided one thing for sure - I definitely won't be waiting another eight years to go back.

Random piccies from my time away can be found here.

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  1. Hopefully next time you would also get to come down to Toronto :).