Saturday, August 8

Film: Love Aaj Kal Click for more info

Cute little story about a perfect couple who amicably decide to split up rather than maintain a long distance (and therefore apparently doomed) relationship. It's a simple idea which in turn has been simply executed as each character finally figures out what the rest of us do in the first five minutes; that what they have is actually worth fighting for.

Technically the film is adequate. It's well produced, spans three countries and has a script which complements the story well. Acting is good with Deepika looking mightily droolworthy throughout. I found the music to be disappointing, but in return the film manages to perfectly weigh in at around the two hour mark.

So despite not being totally amazing, I think I'd have to recommend Love Aaj Kal. It's a film that requires little effort or investment to get a lot out of; just like how all good Bollywood should be,

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