Thursday, August 20

Film: The Time Traveler's Wife Click for more info

For those of you who didn't know, I absolutely adored the book on which this film is based. I thought it had some brilliant characters, was extremely accessible and overall just superbly written. And as is always the case with films based on books you enjoy you always just have to watch them; each time with the expectation of it sucking badly. After all, how can a film ever give a book justice (LOTR fans need not respond to this one).

Well, I'm glad to say that TTTW wasn't all that bad. Yes it was a cut down version, a TTTW-lite if you would, but it captured the essence of the book pretty well. Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana both do fabulous jobs of their respective roles and the film was well shot and directed. It did lag a bit in the middle (something you don't feel as much with the book) but not enough to ruin the film as a whole.

So yes, surprisingly this comes wholeheartedly recommended; but only if you promise to read the book too, since that's even better.


  1. Anonymous06:23

    And its not just a chick flick?

  2. have had the book sitting on my shelf (and now in a box) for a couple years or more. never got around to reading it.

    I like Eric Bana and McAdams though so I might give this a watch

  3. finally got to see it. agree with the review.

    dreamy sigh.