Sunday, May 3

Food: Citrus Click for more info

Posh and a bit pretentious at it, Citrus serves up overpriced yet oh-so-small portions of admittedly yummy food. I went for a spaghetti pasta dish and a Sea Bass main, both of which were pretty well made - unfortunately we had to pace ourselves a bit since eating at a normal rate seemed to make it all disappear a bit too quickly.

The place was nicely done; the decor had invoked a few comments from us, although the layout may have been a bit too intimate for a group of 10 rowdy East Londoners. Still, the service was top notch if a bit slow.

Price was an issue here - even after sticking to two courses and a drink the bill came to 15 quid a head: even after the Top Table 50% discount we all felt a bit short changed, something made even more apparent as we hit a chicken shop on the way back home.

Literally not worth it, unfortunately.

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