Wednesday, April 29

Game: No More Heroes (Wii) Click for more info

Hilarious third person slash-em-up where you play a wannabe assassin trying to climb the ladder in his chosen field. I'd call it GTA for dummies, except it pushes the boundaries quite a bit (albeit in a variety of amusing ways) so isn't really for kids. In fact I'd say its style and humour are pretty sophisticated (although perhaps not as much when you're recharging your blade), and the reason this game is worth a play in the first place.

Gameplay is simple and straightforward although a bit unresponsive at times. This isn't a problem in the main, but can make things a bit frustrating when you're up against a boss. Sound and graphics are passable but nothing amazing (even for the Wii).

Another bonus for me is the brevity of the game; I don't see the game lasting more than 10 hours which is the perfect length for someone who just doesn't get the time to play any more. That and the episodic flavour of the game make it great for picking up and playing.

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