Wednesday, April 1

All Good Things

There comes a point in time where you have to accept the facts of the matter - in this case the way in which I no longer have time to write anything of any interest any more. Yes, there's still the regular movie, games and restaurant reviews but judging by my inbox these are much less appreciated than the articles on Islam or relationships.

But why has Radio Shak been so lacking? I've managed to pin point a few reasons - the rise in my use of Twitter for inane comments, the fact that my work is now interesting and distracting (as opposed to virtually being paid to write as I was in my previous job) and plainly having better things to do are all causes for my writer's block. It's also possible that, finally, I've run out of things to say.

There is an argument that one should end these things on a high. This may not be relevant in my case since my hit counter has long been dwindling, but seeing how I doubt I'll again reach the heights I once was at, quitting would be better late than never. And so that's what I've decided to do. From this post onwards there will be no updates made to Radio Shak.

Of course this doesn't mean anything on a personal level; virtually I'll still be on email and IM, and I'll certainly have an opinion to air in person (if you're willing to hear any of it).

I sincerely hope you had as much fun as I did. Radio Shak is now officially off the air.


EDIT: As the comments indicate, yes this is all balls. Ironically the point still stands that this blog has been lacking recently. I'd like to promise that this will change, except I've done that already...


  1. Anonymous09:09

    We're fools every single day of the year Shak, not just the first of April...

  2. Pfft, at least post something believable. You love talking about yourself far too much to ever take Radio Shak 'off the air'. Even the Google post fooled more people.

  3. I originally thought that the review for 'Knowing' was the April's Fool, i.e the fact that you went to watch it. but I guess I was wrong. Which is kinda sad.

  4. was the Star Trek reference intended?

  5. NoooOOOOoooo!!!


    Got me. Grrrr :)

  6. Kia,

    Glad you care, man.


    Lol. And no, it wasn't intended (maybe).


    I'm still around, although on a serious note I really should start posting properly again :(

  7. Im sure you did this last year too!!!

    i was hoping for something a bit more special shakkie.. im disappointed!

  8. Kylie12:48

    OMG, not only is this year’s fools attempt disappointing, it’s actually recycled (circa April 2007, albeit a slight variation). It seems you alternate between “the radio is closed” and “I met a girl”.

    Next year, surprise us. :)

  9. Sharmin, Kylie,

    Believe it or not I do get new readers every now and then.

    But yes, I should have checked really. Till next year, eh?

  10. Shak,

    I hate to disappoint you, even your new readers didn't believe this post. We all know, if you didn't exist virtually you would have no friends. LOL (LOL for saying LOL :P)

  11. Zany,

    >We all know, if you didn't exist virtually you would have no friends.

    I think it's more correct to say that if I didn't exist virtually then YOU would have no friends :)