Saturday, April 11

Film: 17 Again Click for more info

I like to think of myself as a secure enough chap. Still having said that it does take quite a bit to admit that I went to see this film - don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Zac Efron per se; I thought HSM was great (a fact those of you who've listened to my in-car music will attest to) despite our young hero and this even had Matthew Perry (swoon) to balance out any lingering prepubescent hormones. But still, this was one for the (teenage) ladies and that was probably enough to take it out of any running of what to watch on a Saturday afternoon. But the trailer looked fun so I thought I'd give it a try anyway.

It wasn't that bad. In fact there were plenty of laughs to be found amongst the skinny plot and hammy acting; I was slightly disappointed by the lack of any real feel good factor although I did care a bit about what was going to happen toward the end so there was definitely some kind of characterisation there.

Otherwise there's nothing particularly special about 17 Again: definitely watch it if you're a die hard Efron fan I guess, although even if you're not it won't be that painful by the end.

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