Thursday, April 16

Film: Let the Right One In Click for more info

It's official: Buffy has spoiled all vampire movies for me. Whatever twist or "fresh" approach a film of this genre takes will have already been seen in that seminal show, and alas that fact remains true with this one.

Okay, not quite. But this story of young love between people from vastly different worlds has been done before (and I'm guessing hordes of teenage girls will swear by Twilight) and what makes it worse in this case is that LTROI only has this particular gimmick to rely on. Take that away and there's not much left.

Still as a film it's well put together. The story is subtle yet deliberate, with a lot of things implied instead of being spelled out. This gives it a kind of engaging quality; multiple dimensions and questions for you to explore and debate. In that sense it's quite clever, but unfortunately cleverness alone doesn't make a film enjoyable.

A curiosity at best, I guess I was just expecting a bit more straightforward meat to relate to here. You should definitely check this out - just perhaps not in the cinema.

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  1. Sam Haseem21:21

    I thought LTROI was fantastic. IT's subtlety was what made it good. Yes the story may not be completely original (how many stories are) but the tenderness of the main story was so beautifully drawn out that I would give it a big thumbs up.