Sunday, April 26

Film: Observe and Report Click for more info

Oh Seth. Why couldn't you have stuck to the plan? Yes, you play the loser brilliantly... But in this film you kinda fall short. It could have been because of the attempt at depth, perhaps it was just the setting of a mall that did it. But really I think it was just the dire and joke-thin script that failed you on this occasion.

There were some funny bits, like the classic exchange between Seth Rogen's and Aziz Ansari's respective characters. It soon becomes clear that the funniest parts of this film were the bits that had nothing to do with securing a shopping mall, and as such there weren't really that many of them.

Quite disappointing really.


  1. Aziz Ansari is hilarious, he's gonna blow up after Funny People comes out this summer.

  2. Completely unrelated to the blog itself, (well almost), but how do you get that 'external link' symbol in your title?

  3. Zulákha,

    I messed around with the template using the stuff that was already there. Mail me if you want the exact code.