Sunday, May 10

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Okay. First things first: Star Trek is NOT a reboot. Those of you who think it is are either wrong, have no clue about ST or simply don't know what the word means. If you fall into the latter, a reboot would consist of stuff like making Kirk a bird or the Enterprise bright blue and shaped like a rocket. You know, as if you're reinventing something. No, this ST was perfectly consistent with the ST universe as already told, even though it's znantrq gb erjevgr gur cbfg Xvex ren; ohg url, gung'f gvzr geniry sbe ln. Anyway, lecture over - back to the review.

I thought Star Trek was fab. It managed to pack Starfleet action, Federation heroics and everything else that made Star Trek generally awesome. It was funny (Kirk the Perv was brilliant), poignant (kinda) and relevant to ST lore. I must say JJ did an absolutely brilliant job keeping true to the series.

There's little to complain about here. The acting was brilliant, with everyone contributing to the ST look and feel - quite astonishingly I sometimes forgot what the old cast looked like as the new ones made them their own (Hmmm, Uhura.). I got a bit annoyed at the action sequences as the usually classic and beautifully orchestrated space battles seemed to have become infected with those annoying BSG style camera pans and zooms.

But that's a minor complaint really. The film was fantastic, and I say that not only as a Trekkie; it also appealed to the single non-Trekkie who was forced to watch with us. I must admit that I'm a bit sad about what the story implies about the later generations of Star Trek (in short, they don't really exist anymore), but I'm sure I'll forget all that once the inevitable sequels arrive. In the meantime I'll just soak up all the pure and unadulterated Star Trek goodness this film provides. Recommended!


  1. It was a brilliant movie! I don't think Captain Kirk was pervy. He was just funny :). And, the new Spock was brilliant too.

  2. Anonymous18:25

    I'd do new Spock.